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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
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8А класс Версия для печати
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Tuesday, 01 February 2011

Английский язык

Левицкая Ю.Э., Позднеева О.В.

8 а, б класс.

1.    Grammar exercises 11, 12 in writing.

2.    Review A. Clarke’s biography

3.     Worksheet Unit 4. Exercises 1-3 in pencil.





Ex. 1. Complete the sentences with the words from S. B. ex. 1 p.35.

  1. A person who designs houses and other buildings is ______________
  2. A person who sells products to businesses is ____________________
  3. A person who does hard physical work such as repairing roads is _____________
  4. A person who deals with the electrical system in buildings is ________________
  5. A person who writes articles and reports for a newspaper is ________________
  6. A person who digs coal or gold from underground is ____________________
  7. A person who deals with the water system in building is __________________
  8. A person who deals with the income and expenses of a business is ____________
  9. A person who designs and builds roads and bridges is _________________
  10. A person who works in a government office, for example, in a tax office, is _____


Ex. 2. Give synonyms of the following words and phrases.

1.     to work more hours than usual -

2.     to lose a job because of doing something wrong –

3.     to stop working permanently because you are old enough or your health is bad -

4.     not to work in order to force your employer to change something –

5.     to give somebody a better job than before –

6.     to receive a particular amount of money for the work that you do –

7.     the money that a professional gets usually every month or per year –

8.     the money a person gets for a non-professional job that is paid every week or every day –




Ex. 3. Complete the table.


















































Ex. 5. Paraphrase the sentences. Use the words in brackets.

  1. As students get closer to their exams they become more nervous. (the…more)
  2. My friends claimed that the exhibition was interesting but I found it pretty dull. (as…as)
  3. As dogs get older they become less aggressive. (the…the)
  4. The prices on the menu aren’t nearly as expensive as I expected. (much…than)
  5. No seat in the plane is better. (by far the…)
  6. She isn’t as ambitious as you said. (less…than)
  7. As far as Daniel’s job is concerned, things are about as bad as they can be. (his job can’t be…than)
  8. Jack is much cleverer than the other students in his class. (by far the…)
  9. As people get older they find it more difficult to learn things. (the younger…the)
  10. Fiona has received the same number of letters as me (as…as)
  11. As she gets older she becomes more sophisticated. (the…the)


Ex. 6. Correct the mistakes.

  1. She is much slimer than you are.
  2. Our cat has been much more lively since we added vitamin supplements to her diet.
  3. We felt the male character was realer than the female, who seemed very artificial.
  4. I am most proudest of this one. I won it against really stiff competition.
  5. Windsor Castle is the largest occupied castle of Britain.
  6. Things are as worse as they can get.
  7. Children these days seem to get more ruder and ruder.
  8. Of all the modems the Hyperlink modem is much faster.
  9. More frustrated he becomes, the more angry he gets.


Ex. 7 Translate into English.

  1. В последнее время его продвинули по службе, но теперь ему приходится работать сверхурочно.
  2. – Эта анкета уже заполнена? – Нет, ее заполняют сейчас.
  3. – Работодателя уже проинформировали о ходе рекламной кампании?
  4. Нина сказала, что ей предложили продвижение по службе и увеличение зарплаты.
  5. Этих рабочих уволили, т. к. они участвовали в забастовке.
  6. Джейн очень привлекательная девушка. Ее добротой и вежливостью восхищаются.
  7. Эти товары рекламировали два месяца, прежде чем они появились на рынке.
  8. Мне только что сказали о его намерении уйти на пенсию.
  9. Скидки предлагаются при (for) оплате наличными.
  10. Почему доходы и расходы этой компании постоянно обсуждают?






Математика 8класс. Учитель Мартынова алгебра П.28.№724-745

 Задание по биологии.

8 классы «А» и «Б» - ответить в рабочей тетради на вопрос

                          Что такое флюорография и для чего её делают?


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